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Masters in Medical Images
To be your expert creative link to medical images – that’s our goal – to bring you images that reveal the intrinsic wonder of the human body; its ingenious complexity and vitality; its fallibility and maladies; the people who attend to it; and the medical arts that treat it. For over two decades Phototake has excelled in providing images that apprehend the inner nature of the human body.

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Phototake's images are created by expert and dedicated researchers, photographers, and medical illustrators. Please visit the Featured Photographers section of our Contributors Page to learn more about the prestigious contributors who produce the up-to-date images in medicine, science, biology, and technology that Phototake brings you.

Knowledge · Experience · Focus
To cover the depth and breadth of medicine and science, we are constantly updating our collection. We provide you with insightful images, captioned with scientific accuracy, from our in-depth, tightly-edited collection of medical and scientific images.

Phototake’s staff includes members with biology, physics, and mathematics backgrounds, who are trained to get you the right image right away with all the information you need, saving you valuable time. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask. We will research our subjects, contact our extensive network of sources, or shoot the subject in our studio – in short, we will get you what you need.

At Phototake, we are YOUR expert creative link.

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